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Welcome Y’all, to my Lone Star Blog…..

IMG_6903Welcome to my new blog that will be about my readjustment as a Brit moviing to Texas. I am going to start of by giving 20 fast reasons why Austin, Texas is my idea of the perfect place in America to live……


About Nick Lewin

Nick is a Magician, Writer, and Lecturer. He was born in London, England, and now lives in Austin, TX. is the online home of his magic business. Nick has a highly successful line of magic downloads/DVDs, books, routines, and props. He also gives video mentoring and teaching to magicians around the world.

3 responses to “Welcome Y’all, to my Lone Star Blog…..

  1. Hi Nick ,Christopher Ricks the British literary critic has claimed stated that dylan is the finist user of the english language . Care to comment?

    Second I came across an image of dylan in a nick lewin T shirt on your wordpress site but could not find it again when I tried to find it to make a print. Thank you Peter Bunnett Ontario CAn.ada

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