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Another Fine Release From Little Jewford

A Texas Original Finds A Whole New Style.

The latest recording of all new songs by Texas musician Little Jewford is “Little Jewford Plays The Little Jewford Songbook.” As you might guess it contains self-penned songs from this popular and talented musician. The fact that it is labeled “Opus One” gives hope that there will soon be a companion album for us to enjoy! It has been too long since his last release “A Little Little Jewford,” and the many fans of this cult performer, and highly talented pianist, are already expressing excitement about the style and direction his music is taking.

Jewford is delighting his old fan base and attracting new fans with his quirky style and inimitable skills at the keyboard. The release is co-produced by Brett Cline, who also supplies invaluable musical input on the recording. It truly expresses another facet of this superb artist. Jewford’s humorous and often heartfelt lyrics blend perfectly with his piano stylings. Part Dr. John, part Gershwin, and a whole bunch of other things, Jewford has found a unique style in the music world.

This new release is already being requested on streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes. “Little Jewford Plays Little Jewford” can be purchased as a download from iTunes and other providers. You can read all about the evolution of the CD and find links to listen to and purchase it by going to his website.

Like many others, I first discovered Jewford with his long-term friend and collaborator Kinky Friedman. Friends since childhood Jewford was the founding member of Friedman’s “Texas Jewboys” band. With Jewford acting as bandleader, Kinky released his first album “Sold American” in 1973, and the duo have performed and recorded together ever since. Along the way Jewford has also carved out an impressive solo career often drawing more closely from his classical training on the piano. Recently, Jewford was nominated as Country Pianist of the Year, but that is only a single facet of his musical talents. One of the highlights of “Little Jewford Plays……” is the sophisticated and often complex fabric of the arrangements that encompass his lyrics and music. The six cuts featured on “Little Jewford Plays The Little Jewford Songbook”are;

People Call Us Crazy,

Memory Cafe,

Melodia De Tu Amor,

Attitude No. 5,

NOLA Will Survive,

Breezin’ Down Broadway,

The two instrumentals “Attitude No. 5” and “Breezing’ Down Broadway” convey entirely musical landscapes. “Attitude No. 5” is a sweeping melody that is almost cinematic in its layers of sound, while “Breezin’ Down Broadway” is a jaunty tune that could well be the kind of music that Scott Joplin would be recording if he were around today. “NOLA Will Survive” is a heartfelt testimony to the resilience of post-Katrina New Orleans. “NOLA Will Survive” is a taste of the long-form work that Jewford is writing about the 2005 hurricane as seen through the eyes of a saloon piano player. “People Call Us Crazy” contains a hint of the wry humor of Randy Newman in the lyrics, with a foot-stomping rhythm. “Memory Cafe”has a slightly bitter sweet nostalgia quality that sticks to one’s mind in a very pleasant manner.

This new album is a reminder of the singular wit and musical mastery of a Texas legend.

I give it a five-star rating and highly recommend it.


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