Another Fine Release From Little Jewford

A Texas Original Finds A Whole New Style.

The latest recording of all new songs by Texas musician Little Jewford is “Little Jewford Plays The Little Jewford Songbook.” As you might guess it contains self-penned songs from this popular and talented musician. The fact that it is labeled “Opus One” gives hope that there will soon be a companion album for us to enjoy! It has been too long since his last release “A Little Little Jewford,” and the many fans of this cult performer, and highly talented pianist, are already expressing excitement about the style and direction his music is taking.

Jewford is delighting his old fan base and attracting new fans with his quirky style and inimitable skills at the keyboard. The release is co-produced by Brett Cline, who also supplies invaluable musical input on the recording. It truly expresses another facet of this superb artist. Jewford’s humorous and often heartfelt lyrics blend perfectly with his piano stylings. Part Dr. John, part Gershwin, and a whole bunch of other things, Jewford has found a unique style in the music world.

This new release is already being requested on streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes. “Little Jewford Plays Little Jewford” can be purchased as a download from iTunes and other providers. You can read all about the evolution of the CD and find links to listen to and purchase it by going to his website.

Like many others, I first discovered Jewford with his long-term friend and collaborator Kinky Friedman. Friends since childhood Jewford was the founding member of Friedman’s “Texas Jewboys” band. With Jewford acting as bandleader, Kinky released his first album “Sold American” in 1973, and the duo have performed and recorded together ever since. Along the way Jewford has also carved out an impressive solo career often drawing more closely from his classical training on the piano. Recently, Jewford was nominated as Country Pianist of the Year, but that is only a single facet of his musical talents. One of the highlights of “Little Jewford Plays……” is the sophisticated and often complex fabric of the arrangements that encompass his lyrics and music. The six cuts featured on “Little Jewford Plays The Little Jewford Songbook”are;

People Call Us Crazy,

Memory Cafe,

Melodia De Tu Amor,

Attitude No. 5,

NOLA Will Survive,

Breezin’ Down Broadway,

The two instrumentals “Attitude No. 5” and “Breezing’ Down Broadway” convey entirely musical landscapes. “Attitude No. 5” is a sweeping melody that is almost cinematic in its layers of sound, while “Breezin’ Down Broadway” is a jaunty tune that could well be the kind of music that Scott Joplin would be recording if he were around today. “NOLA Will Survive” is a heartfelt testimony to the resilience of post-Katrina New Orleans. “NOLA Will Survive” is a taste of the long-form work that Jewford is writing about the 2005 hurricane as seen through the eyes of a saloon piano player. “People Call Us Crazy” contains a hint of the wry humor of Randy Newman in the lyrics, with a foot-stomping rhythm. “Memory Cafe”has a slightly bitter sweet nostalgia quality that sticks to one’s mind in a very pleasant manner.

This new album is a reminder of the singular wit and musical mastery of a Texas legend.

I give it a five-star rating and highly recommend it.


Great reasons to live in Austin. Number nineteen. Antones.

Antone’s was named after Clifford Antone who was the founder of a well-known Austin blues club and record label, as well as a mentor to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmie Vaughn and numerous other musicians. There have been many wonderful live recordings made at Antone’s over the years–my favorite was by Austin’s own rock icon Joe Ely.


Ponty Bone and Fabrizio Poggi Live at Antone's_ Austin _Texas

Clifford Antone was the nephew of Jalal Antone, the founder of the Houston based Antone’s Import Company–which was known for its po-boy sandwiches!


Antone’s recently moved from it’s historic location on 6th Street and has established a larger club (and cool record store) on the other side of the river. The location has changed but not the quality of music! Find out who is appearing at


Great reasons to live in Austin. Number eighteen. Waterloo Records.

There are an ever decreasing number of real honest to God record/music shops left in America and Waterloo has been consistently among the very top since it opened in 1982 right up until this very day. It has also featured in store performances by a host of hugely successful and highly eclectic performers such as Willie Nelson, The Stooges, Cheap Trick and My Morning Jacket just to name a few. 


The Waterloo logo is taken from the sign of the English underground tube station!


In case you wondered Waterloo was also the original name of Austin back in 1839 after being designated as the new capital of the Republic of Texas.


If you want to browse this wonderful one stop music spot it is located at 600A North Lamar Boulevard at the intersection of West 6th Street and North Lamar. 


Great reasons to live in Austin. Number seventeen. Willie Nelson.

One of the last of the truly great country singers (Along with Merle Haggard) in my humble opinion is the great red headed stranger himself Willie Nelson. Born in 1933 he is one of America’s greatest natural treasures along with Bob Dylan and ‘The Hag.’ While Willie spends a great deal of his time living in his home in Maui, he also maintains his home in Spicewood, Texas, just 22 miles outside of Austin. Mighty fine places to live–even if he does probably spend most of his year on the road!


If you haven’t seen Willie perform live then it is time to do so! He is a marvel and at 80 years old may only have another 40 years performing in him!IMG_1359

Hmmmm. I can’t help feeling that the volcanic soil and amazing growth potential for herbs may have something to do with Willie having a home in the beautiful island of Maui!willie-nelson-high-times-medical-marijuana-fair-ganja-reefer-hemp-beach-tv-hbtv

Nelson is a major liberal activist and the co-chair of the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which is in favor of marijuana legalization. On the environmental front, Nelson owns the bio-diesel brand Willie Nelson Biodiesel, which is made from vegetable oil. Nelson is also the honorary chairman of the Advisory Board of the Texas Music Project, the official music charity of the state of Texas.


Great reasons to live in Austin. Number sixteen. 6th Street.

Sixth Street is a historic street and entertainment district in Austin. It is located within the city’s urban core in the heart of Downtown Austin. Sixth Street was formerly named Pecan Street under Austin’s older naming convention, which had east-west streets named after trees and north-south streets named after Texas rivers.  It is now listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. It is also listed on my personal list of FUN places!


That is the classic sign that lets you know you are in the right place. There is plenty of other great music to be found on 5th Street though as well as scattered around the city of Austin.


More live musicians and live music venues than any other city in America. You can listen to the best of every kind of music while wandering the length of 6th Street.


Look like fun? You bet your life it is, grab a beer and a slice of pizza and live the good life on 6th Street.


Great reasons to live in Austin. Number fifteen. Doug Sahm

Doug Sahm was the Sir Douglas of the Sir Douglas Quintet. Born in San Antonio Doug was a proud export to Austin, where he made his home. He was also the mastermind behind many other bands, and released a series of albums under slightly fictitious titles. He was Country, Rock, Blues and almost every other kind of music rolled into one package, He was also one of the key architects of Tex-Mex–one of my favorite forms of music. A brilliant musician Sahm influenced many, many performers without ever quite achieving the commercial success he so richly deserved. Try sampling his Mendocino album–it is a classic. Doug Sahm ACL16-TT3-11a

A child prodigy Doug got to perform onstage with Hank Williams just before Hank’s death. He also wrote the classic lyrics, “You just can’t live in Texas if you don’t have lots of soul” in his song At The Crossroads.


Doug was offered a spot in the Grand Old Opry, but was a little too rock and roll to accept it!


Bob Dylan was one of Doug’s biggest fans and played guitar and sang back-up on his first Atlantic album.


Legendary keyboard player Augie Meyers was a life long band member of almost every band Sahm founded, including country supergroup ‘The Texas Tornadoes.’

Great reasons to live in Austin. Number eleven. Austin City Limits.

Probably the most familiar ‘face’ of Austin is the venerable PBS television series ‘Austin City Limits’ since the series began in1976. It owes some of its appearance on the scene to musical icon Willie Nelson, who has remained a good friend to the how ever since. It was in fact this show that many feel was responsible for Austin’s status as ’The Live Music Capital of the World.’

 The show has also spawned the gloriously eclectic Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker Park, Austin. Between the show and the festival there has been a wonderful series of live albums and videos released. Some are just left field dreams such as David Byrne (Talking Heads founder) performing his songs live with a funk band and string quartet backing him! 

 Stop by the Austin City Limits store at Austin airport to check out the amazing variety of releases inspired by this legendary show! You can also check out their website which contains many of their shows at 



Austin City Limits Music Festival Stage

Great reasons to live in Austin. Number ten. The Broken Spoke.

If you are looking for an evening’d boot scooting entertainment that head over to 3201 S. Lamar, to the ‘Broken Spoke’ (no it’s not a bicycle repair shop!) and enjoy the best little honky tonk on the Third Coast. The parking is a nightmare and the interior is a dream! Enjoy one of their signature chicken fried  steaks washed down with a whisky iced tea served in a jam jar. I’m not the only Brit to enjoy ‘The Spoke’ and on a recent trip to Texas by Queen Elizabeth (The monarch not the ship!) Her majesty’s entourage visited the joint to see what Honky Tonkin’ was all about. Check it out at

 The music and dancing is great and the ambiance is a treat, and leave a little time to enjoy the mini Country Western museum after you enter. The list of performers who have played here is something very special. Check them out at  Asleep at the Wheel still play some sets here and that is a perfect night in my book. Oh. I keep mentioning ‘The Wheel’ so perhaps I had better make them another upcoming great reason to live in Austin—‘cos after all they do!



Dance lessons at the Broken Spoke on July 26, 2013


Great reasons to live in Austin. Number nine. Esther’s Follies.

Two simple words ‘Esther’s Follies’ situated in the heart of 6th Street ‘Esther’s Follies’ has been entertaining folk for 30 years and doing an amazing job! I have lived in Las Vegas for almost 20 years and haven’t seen a review  show that I enjoyed as much. Great comedy, singing, sketch work and the incomparable comedy magic of Ray Anderson. This is a cultural icon that is a blast from first to last. Check out details at  



This is a theatrical venue that would have made the great Esther Williams herself proud. A little lacking in actual water, but everything else is there in abundance!IMG_6707

This is a truly amazing transposition effect that Ray performs. The incredibleness is increased by the way the prop descends from the roof of the theatre onto the stage.


O.K how many theaters have an entry that is quite this amazing! Not many…….


Great reasons to live in Austin. Number seven. The Salt Lick.

As hinted at in great reasons number five….. The Salt Lick! My favorite barbecue spot in the world. The scenery and food are glorious and Out Of This World Class. When George W. wanted a real treat in the White House he would talk Laura into allowing him to have barbecue flown in from the Salt Lick. It is a ways out of town in Driftwood, and worth every minute of your drive. Check out details at


Now there are open pit barbecues and open pit barbecues, but have you ever seen a better one than this? I haven’t!


Probably the finest beef rib in the world. They are cut in a very complex manner to incorporate three separate cuts of meat into the rib. Not only is the barbecue sauce great but the pre-coolking rub gives a flavor that is out of this world. You can buy it in stores too….


See if you can blow up this picture to read the menu. It will make your mouth water. Not only is the meat good but the blackberry pie and Blue Bell ice cream desert is the best!