Great reasons to live in Austin. Number eleven. Austin City Limits.

Probably the most familiar ‘face’ of Austin is the venerable PBS television series ‘Austin City Limits’ since the series began in1976. It owes some of its appearance on the scene to musical icon Willie Nelson, who has remained a good friend to the how ever since. It was in fact this show that many feel was responsible for Austin’s status as ’The Live Music Capital of the World.’

 The show has also spawned the gloriously eclectic Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker Park, Austin. Between the show and the festival there has been a wonderful series of live albums and videos released. Some are just left field dreams such as David Byrne (Talking Heads founder) performing his songs live with a funk band and string quartet backing him! 

 Stop by the Austin City Limits store at Austin airport to check out the amazing variety of releases inspired by this legendary show! You can also check out their website which contains many of their shows at 



Austin City Limits Music Festival Stage