Great reasons to live in Austin. Number four. Batfest.

BATFEST. Yes, Holy Batfest Batman, once a year their is a very cool street festival on the bridge across the river in Austin leading to the capital building. It costs about 7 bucks and includes free music, great vibes, lots of beer (this is Texas!) and of course the Bats. Every evening 1.5 million bats fly out from under the bridge and blacken the sky briefly. It is quite a sight. During Batfest we celebrate the little suckers………check out some details at this website

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Great reasons to live in Austin. Number three. Reckless Kelly.

This is a simple two word musical reason RECKLESS KELLY. RK is a wonderful Austin based band that are poised to become a national juggernaut. Their sound is pure Texas Rock and Roll with just a few subtle hints of country in the instrumentation I.E. Those uber-cool  touches of fiddle and dobro.  The band still play local gigs all the time– these pictures were taken at a free concert during Batfest in 2013. What is Batfest? Easy partner it is going to be reason number four to live in Austin! Ckeck out Reckless Kelly on their website or better still watch one of their videos on YouTube at

The last time we saw Reckless Kelly perform was in Hollywood at the World Famous Troubador and I am happy to say that they kicked ass on the West Coast–BIG TIME!
Reckless have a great new album available called ‘Long Night Moon’ which is very well worth checking out. This is a band that just go from strength to strength. They are wonderful live, however there are many subtleties to pick up on their studio recordings!
Oh, and Hank Williams 3 was also working on the free stage for Batfest!  Not Bad!