Great reasons to live in Austin. Number six. Bobalou Cigars.

My favorite way to start the day in Austin is with a hot, thick tasty cup of Cuban coffee at the Bobalu cigar shop on 6th Street. Not only is the coffee and conversation great but they have a world class humidor filled with fabulous cigars! One of the joys is seeing the cigars hand made on the antique Cuban cigar press at the front of the tiny little store. Check out their online store at You will love this little gem of a store situated at 509 East 6th Street.


You have to love the Kinky Friedman for governor poster…..


As tiny as the front of Bobalou appears you will be amazed at the size and the sophistication of the cigar humidor inside. Their Internet business ships cigars around the world.


You don’t see many cigar presses like this much closer than Cuba! The gentleman hand making the cigars also hails from Havana I believe.