Great reasons to live in Austin. Number fifteen. Doug Sahm

Doug Sahm was the Sir Douglas of the Sir Douglas Quintet. Born in San Antonio Doug was a proud export to Austin, where he made his home. He was also the mastermind behind many other bands, and released a series of albums under slightly fictitious titles. He was Country, Rock, Blues and almost every other kind of music rolled into one package, He was also one of the key architects of Tex-Mex–one of my favorite forms of music. A brilliant musician Sahm influenced many, many performers without ever quite achieving the commercial success he so richly deserved. Try sampling his Mendocino album–it is a classic. Doug Sahm ACL16-TT3-11a

A child prodigy Doug got to perform onstage with Hank Williams just before Hank’s death. He also wrote the classic lyrics, “You just can’t live in Texas if you don’t have lots of soul” in his song At The Crossroads.


Doug was offered a spot in the Grand Old Opry, but was a little too rock and roll to accept it!


Bob Dylan was one of Doug’s biggest fans and played guitar and sang back-up on his first Atlantic album.


Legendary keyboard player Augie Meyers was a life long band member of almost every band Sahm founded, including country supergroup ‘The Texas Tornadoes.’