Great reasons to live in Austin. Number five. Austin Airport.

One of the simplest joys in Austin is how great the airport is! Small, fast and friendly it has live music and ‘Ray’s Roadhouse’ a really neat eating/drinking spot in the heart of the airport. You can even stand next to a cut out of the great Ray Benson. Ray is the leader and founder of the Western Swing Band ‘Asleep At The Wheel.’ If you have never settled back and jumped to the sound of this band then you have never lived. Trust Me. Check out their website at


Follow this sign at the airport to kick ass food and cocktails! You will even find great live music going on, was there ever an actual entertainment destination at an airport before? Thank you Ray!


Ray Benson is a giant in the music industry, and a pretty tall dude too. I’m not sure if this cut out is life sized or not, however when i got to meet him in Los Angeles after a solo concert at the Mint I felt pretty petite and I’m a BIG guy!


Oh, and lets not forget the amazing Tacos at Ray’s Roadhouse courtesy of the Salt Lick! Don’t know about the Salt Lick? It will be a reason all its own……. Here is just a picture of how your plate will look!IMG_6649