Great reasons to live in Austin. Number seven. The Salt Lick.

As hinted at in great reasons number five….. The Salt Lick! My favorite barbecue spot in the world. The scenery and food are glorious and Out Of This World Class. When George W. wanted a real treat in the White House he would talk Laura into allowing him to have barbecue flown in from the Salt Lick. It is a ways out of town in Driftwood, and worth every minute of your drive. Check out details at


Now there are open pit barbecues and open pit barbecues, but have you ever seen a better one than this? I haven’t!


Probably the finest beef rib in the world. They are cut in a very complex manner to incorporate three separate cuts of meat into the rib. Not only is the barbecue sauce great but the pre-coolking rub gives a flavor that is out of this world. You can buy it in stores too….


See if you can blow up this picture to read the menu. It will make your mouth water. Not only is the meat good but the blackberry pie and Blue Bell ice cream desert is the best!