Great reasons to live in Austin. Number Two. Torchy’s Tacos.

One of the finest reasons to sell everything you own and move to Austin is that you get to eat at Torchy’s Tacos whenever you want to! They have some regular little fast food joints (one is only a mile from our house!) but my favorite is in the Trailer Park Eatery.  Here are some photos to wet your appetite. There is even a secret menu– and you can find out about it at 


An unbelievably cool gold sprayed montage is situated on the front of the little veranda area where you get to sit and demolish your tacos…..IMG_6918

This is the chicken fajita taco and it is so good that salsa is scarcely required.


The deep fried avocado is a superb addition to almost any of their delicacies….


If you like seriously great Tacos then you have to visit Torchy’s. Worth a flight to town just for lunch. Oh, the breakfast Tacos are pretty dang fine too…..