Great reasons to live in Austin. Number seventeen. Willie Nelson.

One of the last of the truly great country singers (Along with Merle Haggard) in my humble opinion is the great red headed stranger himself Willie Nelson. Born in 1933 he is one of America’s greatest natural treasures along with Bob Dylan and ‘The Hag.’ While Willie spends a great deal of his time living in his home in Maui, he also maintains his home in Spicewood, Texas, just 22 miles outside of Austin. Mighty fine places to live–even if he does probably spend most of his year on the road!


If you haven’t seen Willie perform live then it is time to do so! He is a marvel and at 80 years old may only have another 40 years performing in him!IMG_1359

Hmmmm. I can’t help feeling that the volcanic soil and amazing growth potential for herbs may have something to do with Willie having a home in the beautiful island of Maui!willie-nelson-high-times-medical-marijuana-fair-ganja-reefer-hemp-beach-tv-hbtv

Nelson is a major liberal activist and the co-chair of the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which is in favor of marijuana legalization. On the environmental front, Nelson owns the bio-diesel brand Willie Nelson Biodiesel, which is made from vegetable oil. Nelson is also the honorary chairman of the Advisory Board of the Texas Music Project, the official music charity of the state of Texas.